Samantha Canela



Samantha Canela is... 

A proud mixed Mexican American woman and San Diego native currently based in Seattle. She is a May graduate of Cornish College of the Arts where she majored in Theatre with an emphasis in Original Works.

As an artist Samantha aspires to bring to life the stories of the new world in order to both celebrate and create critical and analytical dialogue about different human experiences. She does this by focusing her talents however necessary whether it be directing, acting, or creating something new.

Samantha's writing focuses on mental illness/disorders such as anxiety or depression in order to form understanding, awareness, and normalization of such conditions as a way of fighting the perpetuation of negative stigma. She also looks forward to exploring more of her mixed background so as to broaden the spectrum of her work and open up conversation about the intermingling of things such as race, religion, gender, love, and family.